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Why Do Muslim Women Wear Veil – P1

muslim women
Mages of women in outfits with scarves covering broad head and neck, or both closed face veil has become the characteristic image of the Muslim women. So this process is derived from and has ever since?

Muslim Women Apparel traditional Muslim women there are two types Burka – covering the whole body and face – even under the Taliban in Afghanistan also has curtain gratings eyes; and Hijab – not veiled but only covering the head and neck.

There are many assumptions about the birth of costume veiled Muslim women. TRAVEL SHIRT

First of all, it is due to religious beliefs. Typically, according to the Islamic tradition of wearing the veil is mandatory with respect to the notion that the family lies in the actions of the woman. The honor of the woman affects the honor and prestige of the family and clan; and honors women who depend on the price, his chaste. If a woman violates the prohibitions that the men in the family can be seen as weak, cowardly and may be socially ostracized. Therefore, to be respected men and women who protect the people not to see the face in public places. Also, due to network wear, women also helps men from sexual temptation. In addition, the wearing of the network is to bring free form for the weaker sex, because they will be assured immersed in community life and a more important requirement is the Qur’an mentions that the women should dress very simple, discreet in public. WINEBAG

in addition to the religious principle reason is the emergence veil also related to many of the folk legend. Legend says that the Persian king brilliant Tamerlane (1336 – 1405) has a lot of women around the plastic supply frequency but King noblest and most favored Khanym Bibi’s aesthetic. However, Tamerlane too ambitious, often conquered new lands made her feel incredibly lonely. Once, when Tamerlane was away, she wanted to bring surprises to the king should have to build a mosque. Among the most talented workers who have a charm and her beauty that he made the request that if not for him to kiss the cathedral will not finish on time. Because too impatient to have accepted her. However, the other’s kiss on her cheek workers can not be erased. Tamerlane knew, was so angry he ordered the workers detained in prison and forced all women in the country to cover the face on the roads or meet strangers. Only new husband watching his wife’s privilege. Termaline said that a woman’s beauty is the source of all evil. The custom of wearing the veil by Muslim women born since. APRON FOR KITCHEN

Another legend is that, in the Near East, the Assyrian kings have forced women to wear the veil because it is considered closely related to the privacy of the women in the harem. However, prostitutes and slaves were not required to wear life and would be beaten if they violate the law. Therefore, the veil became a symbol for women’s dignity. Also in the Islamic calendar second century in Turkey, the veil symbolizes the wealth and power of the noble woman. THOBE/GALABIYYA

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