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Why Do Muslim Woman Wear Veil – P2

muslim woman
The veil was worn by the provisions of the Islamic society. Until about the 10th century, the bulk of the new law was enacted making muslim woman more severely disadvantaged in society than before. In some periods, such tidal Mamluks in Egypt have continued to issue downright draconian laws forcing women to wear veils when out of the house and not for women to participate in social activities.

Muslim woman wear veil and the development of the hijab alongside powerful real appear with the Iranian revolution. Women are seen as a major factor in the changes in ethics and personal behavior. The women do not wear the veil are often ridiculed and being called “doll drawing” and punished if appearing in public without veils. Also in other Muslim countries, ’70s last century, the march took place continuously against the requirements of female university students and civil servants to dress in Western style. SHIRT FOR CHARITY

However, women Muslim woman wearing the veil was so profoundly influenced the traditions of previous generations, and they see it as an obvious thing, can not be changed. Such early twentieth century, the law required women be veiled in Turkey to loosen or the 1930s in Iran, Reza Shah Pahlevi further remove the veil wearing women but this is not welcome news to the rapture that is the fear. Some people even dare not leave the house for fear her veil police will tear up. KAMEEZ/KURTA While many leaders in Muslim countries began to encourage women to participate in social work and appear in public more freely, many Muslim woman have also started intellectuals out of the house without wearing network but still wearing hijab. In 1910, the first time a young woman who has dared Turkey photographed his face. WINEBAG

In addition, women who wear the veil was symbolic act of patriotism and ethnic pride, proud religion. For example during the resistance war against the French invasion and colonization of Algeria and England Egyptians, many women wear hijab and veil worn as a way to combat the influence of literature Western goods. This also means that they can participate in the protests secretly or can conceal weapons such as loose sheets. Or in response to the defeat of Egypt in the war with Israel in 1967 for 6 days and before the seeds of secularism, its people began to return to the old rules had been removed, including hoofs the women must wear veils. APRON FOR COFFEE SHOP

Besides, the process of globalization – especially the cultural influence of the West is losing the traditional values of religion and ethnicity in the world. Therefore, Burka or hijab is the symbol for the uniqueness and identity of Muslim woman.

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