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Muslim Women Wearing Swimsuits

muslim women
Muslim Women Wearing Swimsuits Burkini Ban Is Ridiculous

Muslim women have expressed vigorous opposition attitude about wearing a swimsuit ban called burkini on the beaches of France recently. WINEBAG

“I used to put a normal headscarves and veils. I do not understand why he should wear a bikini while vacationing, it is not reasonable,” AFP quoted Wendy, a French girl Muslims lament.

Wendy is one of the Muslim women feel increasingly stigmatized for wearing burkini ban in several cities of France recently.

Women wear burkini ban stems from concerns about security threats in France after a series of recent terrorist attacks in this country. The ban has now been enforced in 15 beaches of France and caused much controversy. TANK FOR PET

Tight swimwear

The National Council, the highest administrative body in France, will conduct a review request to annul the ban at the request of the Federation of Human Rights (LHP) on Monday 25/8.

Meanwhile, many lower court has supported a ban of French mayors. A court in the city of Nice Riviera – where the attack occurred bloody trucks in July – claims “burkini” a challenge or a provocation, exacerbating tensions in the community.

Burkini is calling compound derived from the two words “burqa” (kind of long shirt covering the entire body and face which is the traditional dress of Muslim women) and “bikini”. SILK COUPLES PAJAMAS

Burkini swimwear like a top coating, covering the body, revealing only the face, hands and feet, was designed by Aheda Zanetti, an Australian citizen. This new type of dress became popular in recent years.

The designer said she had received many orders from non-Muslims as well as new ones from skin cancer.

Desire to go swimming in peace

Many people believe that Burkini denote religious beliefs, while others look at it in a realistic way. “I do not want to water down dressed as usual (do not wear burkini). Water will damage the clothes, “Wendy said,” I just want to go swimming alone in peace. ” THOBE/GALABIYYA

Burkini ban also caused confusion. People wondered whether the problem lies in this kind of swimsuit or only arise when people wear it on the beach. In France, the country with 5 million Muslims, burkini rarely appears and only a small number of Muslim women still wear this dress at the beach.

Siam had been fined for wearing trousers, tunic and headscarf Riding on the beach in the city of Cannes. The reason given is Siam did not wear “costumes respect the proper moral values ​​and secularism”.

“I was sitting on the beach with family and wears a headscarf familiar. I have no intention of swimming,” said the woman 34 years.

“The saddest thing is some people who drove her screams go away, while others applauded the police action before, while her daughter is crying,” a witness of this fine service told.

‘These arguments nonsense’

France is the first European countries banned Islamic veils in public places in 2010, six years after the ban on headscarves and other religious symbols common in public schools. TRAVEL SHIRT

But ordinary people are still allowed to wear headscarves in public. Lamia, a friend of Wendy recalled her mother as a child often sea. Her mother wore a long black dress.

“It was wet and covered in sand. Ministry burkini merely helped the Muslims swimming easier … Those opportunities, extremist thought the beach only for infidels, “she explained.

Lamia and Wendy are both found “meaningless” when referring to the argument that anti-Muslim wave (Islamophobia) increased after a series of terrorist attacks.

Lamia said people wear burkini are “free to choose as you like and just want to enjoy their holidays.” According to her, the name of this type of swimsuit should be changed because “it meant to offend the burqa”.

Tatiana, salesman at a fashion store in Paris Islam, nor to accept the name “burkini”. She says most of her clients are women with the desire to go swimming with her family. APRON FOR WAITER

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