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Ladies Muslim Clothing

ladies muslim
If you think that Ladies Muslim can only outfits with boring colors, make sure you’ll have a review to know what hides behind this traditional costume.

Ladies Muslim walking in the shopping mall, you can come across innumerable Ladies Muslim with the black outfit covered from head to toe. Alyoha Jawaher, 21 years old girl from the United Arab Emirates is one of them. LAMINATED WINEBAG

However, like many wealthy women here, fashion is an integral part to express class. Each month, more than 1,000 USD Jawaher spend on clothes, shoes and handbags. She rarely leave home without hair or makeup; although her hair is hidden behind cloth hooded.

Alyoha often out with black dress from head to toe and veiled, revealing only two eyes. That means that very few relatives and friends could see her dress. But this does not make her stop her shopping enthusiasts.

She said girls the most expensive items that she had the dress designed by Italian brand Valentino she bought for $ 50 million. In addition, the common items that Alyoha or used there and Zara H & M.

Similar to her, Noura Hassan, 24, from Sharjah student also spent nearly 20 million per month to spend on clothes and costumes. Noura especially love shoes because it’s something she can attract the gaze of everyone, apart from the boring black abaya. Her shoe collection she indispensable shoes Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, and several of Dior shoes. TANK & TEE FOR PET

If you ask why they have to dress nice so watch it when no one is simple, the Ladies Muslim feel happy to be dressed. The girls come from Gulf countries such as United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are rated as the best-dressed women in the world! Thanks to them, fashion retail sales in these countries is very high in the Middle East.

On average, the level of spending on fashion items, beauty and gifts in the Gulf countries is $ 2.400 (about 50 million) per person / per month. This figure was indeed a “crisis” that many people by surprise. 78% of respondents said that keeping up with fashion trends is crucial. LONG SILK ROBES FOR MEN

“The Arab world is not out of fashion treadmill and global trends. Despite wearing the abaya the outside, they are the elite customers and caste,” Siddiqui Shamail, consulting firm Kearney share.

Therefore, the result is not difficult to realize that shopping centers are springing up more and more in Dubai, Dohar and major cities in the region. Many major brands in the fashion industry are targeted at buyers groups are Ladies Muslim. They have purchasing power and affordability than any group of women.

“A dress can cost tens of million or Luxury handbags probably not a big deal to them,” a fashion designer said. Ladies Muslim prefer branded items and sometimes they are just interested in the brand they are wearing is. KAMEEZ/KURTA

To conform with the Ladies Muslim world, the designers do not just focus on the accompanying accessories or outfits that developed inside the costumes most luxurious abaya. You can hardly imagine the long black robes the other beam produced by major brands such as Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana for tens of millions or thin veil amounted to more than a dozen million. APRON FOR COFFEE SHOP

In the Gulf states, the fashion shopping on the fact that the race was “fierce”, especially in the wedding or party. A banquet of hundreds of thousands of girls is the place to show off the most expensive item of them. Even if you are the bride, you are not allowed to lose in the “race” is.

Vicky, a bride to be shared: “Although still wearing the abaya abaya outside but it must be the most beautiful, most luxurious. It spent more than 50 million for a dress is completely normal because I will only marry once in your life”. SHIRT FOR CHARITY

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