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Fashion In The Weekend


At Rosie Assoulin, Clothes That Say “I Would Like to Be Noticed, but I am Not Some Kind of Asshole”

Comedian Josh Gondelman goes to fashion week. Shirt Design

When I was told that the Rosie Assoulin show began at 11am, I thought it was a typo, because honestly I didn’t even realize fashion happened during the day. Fashion Week evening wear, when sported before noon, would give off, I imagined, a very “returning home from sex” look. I’ve always pictured people in the industry as lemurs: mostly active at night, and frequently sporting an elaborate smoky-eye look. I have not seen Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, but in my mind it is about the intrigue that transpires between several very chic raccoons. As I arrived at the venue, I realized my confusion was ridiculous; people wear clothes all day long, especially (in my experience) when it’s light out. It wasn’t actually fashion that I couldn’t imagine in the daytime—it was electronic dance music and cocaine. Shirt Design

One great thing about going to a fashion event in the morning, especially in February in New York, is that the other attendees are dressed less like models themselves. A winter coat, it turns out, is a great equalizer. Unless you wear an entire panda bear split down the middle, there’s only so elaborate you can look while effectively shielding yourself from the brutal cold and wind, the only two facets of “nature” to be found in much of SoHo. Plus, there’s less of you to be visibly unhip. It’s basically the bottoms of your jeans and your shoes that people are judging you on. I mean, sure, I was wearing a grimy, two-year-old Red Sox hat, but how was anyone to know that it wasn’t hand-distressed by famous designer Giancarlo Ragandbone, or another, more prestigious fashionista, possibly even one who actually exists? I filed that thought away as one of the many lies my brain tells itself when I am thrust drastically out of my element.

Amidst the well-insulated onlookers, Rosie Assoulin’s fall collection was on display not as part of a runway show but more of a fashion…room? The venue was large, the event had a gentle warmth, and not just because there was nowhere to hang up your coat. Shirts Design

At the entryway, and at various other points throughout the room, sharply dressed men (not models, or maybe they were?) served cups of hot tea, which is the second coziest beverage, behind only hot chocolate. Trays of pastries sat atop end tables, and no, no one was eating them, but it was nice to know they were there. Additional staff circulated with trays of clear plastic cups full of candy.

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